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G13 500mg CBD Oil Lemon Flavour 10ml Single Bottle

G13 500mg CBD Oil Lemon Flavour 10ml Single Bottle

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This pure natural product was made from controlled hemp grown in Europe and pesticides-free environment. Cannabidiol is an extremely popular natural remedy which can be used every day to improve physical and mental health. CBD is a perfect food supplement if you are looking to improve your immune system, balance hormone system and keep healthy digestive tract. CBD Oil is commonly used by people who suffer from anxiety and experience a high level of stress. CBD works through the nervous system and is involved in the processes that are responsible for mood, appetite, memory and pain relief. Exceptionally mild lemon flavour combined with smooth texture makes the daily use of CBD oil very easy. It is sold in bottles fitted with handy droppers, allowing the accurate dosage. The low temperature extraction used to create this oil prevents oxidation and degradation of natural substances present in hemp, and guarantees the beautiful golden colour.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, 500mg CBD, (THC<0,2%)

100% Natural Product
No Synthetic CBD or CBD Crystals
Lab Tested

Each bottle contains 500 mg of CBD.
1 Drop is ~ 1.25 mg of CBD
~ 400 drops per bottle