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Orange Bud CBD Flower
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Orange Bud CBD Flower

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Orange Bud CBD hemp flower is a hybrid strain originating from the 1980s as a result of two unknown variants of skunk. This strain has a unique and robust flavour and produces a fragrant aroma thanks to its roots in the Indica family. When consumed this strain produces a citrusy taste and smell before an aftertaste of sweet and fruity fragrances and taste. This strain gains its name thanks to its orange colouration caused due to a significant presence of trichomes. Our Orange Bud CBD hemp flower contains a high presence of CBD standing at 20% while containing less than 0.2% THC as required by law.

Orange Bud CBD hemp flower produces an orangey, citrus flavour, with an aftertaste of sweet fruity fragrances.

Parent Strain 1: Unknown Skunk 1 | Parent Strain 2: Unknown Skunk 2

Product: Orange Bud

Child Strain 1: Gummo | Child Strain 2: Orange Hill Special

When trimmed our Orange Bud CBD hemp flower is dense and firm to the touch, while also feeling sticky and producing a sparkle with its trichomes. All of our CBD hemp flowers are run through a machine “chopper” to ensure they’re broken down into smaller pieces.